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DepositPhotos is a particularly good example of a microstock agency that does things right, it’s not the only microstock agency out there by a long shot.  Compared to traditional stock photo agencies, microstock agencies source their libraries from a much wider variety of contributors, allowing amateurs and hobbyists to submit photos for vending consideration.  Of course,not every photo that is submitted to a microstock agency like DepositPhotos makes it into their stock photo library, but there are usually a lot more images from a lot more places than you would find in a traditional professional only stock agency.
DepositPhotos offers professionals stock images for as low as $0.46. It provides access to over 38 million high quality content at the lowest prices. It also offers subscription plans for a team that allows easy sharing, planning, access control, and activity monitoring of all team members. Register to the Depositphotos to access millions of high quality royalty-free images at the best prices. The link below leads you directly to the image section, where you can find the images to fill your creative needs. Click the link and enjoy high quality images for as low as $0.46.

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Stock Photos is big business. Any marketer or creative professional knows the value of stock photos. They are far more cost-effective than having your own photo shoot, and chances are you can convey your message much better with stock photos then you can any other way. Stock photos offer exquisite, high definition images. Furthermore, the licensing makes it affordable for you to use it the way you want. Most people want to use them for websites in their blog, advertisements and articles. Stock photos can make any block of text engaging. It is the difference between someone reading an article or skipping over it. The task of making a website engaging is not an easy one, and stock photos are often the key.
If you haven’t thought of using stock photos, now is the time. Whether you’re new with this, or a seasoned veteran, if you’re in the market for a stock photo subscription, you found the best deal for 2015. Here at Stock Photo Secrets, we have an exclusive partnership with DepositPhotos to bring you one steal of a deal.
When you sign up for a seven-day free trial at DepositPhotos, you’ll be granted two things. First, you’ll be given five free credits. On the outside that seems great. With individual stock photo prices rising in the range of over $10 per stock photo, it can seem like an instant $50 in free savings. Here’s where it gets better – you don’t just get five free credits. You get five free credits every day for seven days during the trial period. In the next week, imagine getting 35 free high definition images from DepositPhotos. These are licensed to you – that means even if you cancel your membership, you can always go back and re-download those images without any extra cost to you.
These free credits will remain on your account for a full year. Even if you don’t need to download images anytime soon, you know that they’re there waiting for you. Those credits are worth the free trial alone.
That’s not all – our exclusive offer also gives you a 15 percent discount on your first actual purchase. It doesn’t matter if you use it on a subscription or more credits. If your business needs a constant stream of fresh photos, you may consider one of their monthly subscriptions. However, if yours is a smaller business, and you pick and choose how often you need an image or two, credits that don’t expire for a full year is right up your alley.

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